Benevolent Automation offers PLC Training with low cost for beginners and learners who are in need of technical support. We have highly qualified trainers providing edge to edge support to the people from the industry and college students by giving the right solution of their carrier and organisation. This leads to have a wide changes in energy efficiency in industries. Our services are providing technical supports, installation, commissioning with the industrial solutions like PLC, HMI, SCADA., Servo Drives.

We also offer robotics course to school students based on the eligibility and their age. From basic electronics to servo based hexapod robot. They were feed by different topics with correct hardware parts by assembling with right tools, drawing circuit diagram, and Based on the various levels from beginner to expert, the students are expertising more and deep knowledge from the standard procedure of teaching. we have highly qualified team of software and electrical engineers which give your kids a strong confidence which leads them to participate in robotics competition and events happening in our surrounding. Every individual students will taught one to one teaching, so as to know the capability of the student,which will clarifies their doubt instantly.

With the highly trained software engineers, we even doing the services like hosting, domain creating, web designing, SEO pageranking, for all kind of industry.


Our goal is to deliver the best services to customers to meet out their expected solutions from their projects and giving low cost PLC training in Coimbatore for every engineers.

Robotics for kids